Seascape - debraj
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Bagayat Beach, Vengurla..

Reached Vengurla from Malvan about a hour before sunset and was happy find clear sky with no rain as last couple of days it was raining heavily in this region. I checked into my hotel room which was nestled by this beautiful beach and soon was out venturing. Bagayat Beach is counted amongst the cleanest and calmest beaches of the region and its indeed not just in saying. As i scouted for a location and found a suitable one soon dark clouds started gathering from nowhere and i knew its going to pour in few mintues. But that didnt stop me and i was able to manage few decent shots. After a lull of about few minutes oh! boy what a rain that was i could feel them hitting hard on my face. Friends dont worry about my camera and gear i get them protected first before me.

From Maharastra