For quite sometime I was not using any Neutral Density or Graduated Neutral Density filters because the last two products that I had used resulted in colour casts which I found difficult to correct in post processing.

At that point I could have selected a brand like Lee which I had heard gave better results, but my budget didn't permit me back then. Recently I heard about the good result of NISI filters and I was also happy with their offered prices. So I got in touch with the NISI guys and was quite impressed with their helpful attitude in selecting the right filtersbased on my shooting style.

So here are the products that Iselected:

1. 100 x 150mm 4 Stop Graduated Soft Neutral Density Filter.

2. 100mm Filter Holder kit V5.

3. 100 x 100mm ND 1000 10 stop neutral density filter.

Let’s unbox and find out what is inside the 100mm Filter Holder kit V5.

The V5 kit comes inside a solid built leather case.

Inside the leather case it has:

1. Filter Adapter

2. Adapter rings of size 72mm

3. Adapter ring of size 77mm

4. Adapter rings of size 82mm

5. Circular polarizer.

The CPL gets screwed into the 82mm adapter ring first.

Then we screw in the desired step down ring in front of your lens to fit the 82mm ring with the CPL. Iam using a Zeiss 16-35mm lens which has got a 72mm Filter size, so I attached the 72mm ring. Some of you might have 77 filter size so attach that into your lens to later screw in the 82mm ring with CPL attached to it.

Now let us attach the filter adapter to the ring in front of the lens with the help of a latch mechanism in the adapter.The quality of the material feels really solid and it’s all Aluminum.

We are done with attaching the filter’s holder system. Now let us unbox and attach the two filters one by one.

The ND 1000 also comes in a very nice leather case which has got a magnetic lock. I am actually very impressed with the packaging.

The ND 1000 has got a padded lining along the edges to prevent light leak during long exposures, it is Nano and IR coated and the quality felt really great in my hands.

We can see some writing on the ND 1000 which has to be on the outer side and the padded lining on the inner side as we slide the ND in the first slot of the adapter.

The Graduated ND filter also comes in a nicely packed leather case with a magnetic lock as well and it has Nano and IR coating too.

The graduated ND filter slides into the slot after the slot in which the ND 1000 filter was attached or we may opt to put it in the last slot as the adapter has got three slots to stack filters.

Now after putting all these together we can slide the graduated ND filter up and down to align and adjust the gradation with the horizon so that it doesn't look obvious from yourpicture that we have used filter. Also, the CPL which we had installed initially with the 82mm ring can be rotated with a dial mechanism attached to the 82mm ring, the below image shows the location of the dial.

I have compiled a video of the entire process of installation from start to finish which will better help you in understanding the above process. Shortly, I will be coming up with the results I achieved while using them in the field and how to use them effectively.


  • Gopal Nanju

    on December 20, 2016

    Great article.. Waiting to see results

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